A view from the outside is the ordinary, which we throw on forein cultures. Photographer Nana Ziesche tried it the other way round: In the small village Chandelao in the northindian state of Rajasthan, she handed out cameras to the children so that they took pictures of their daily life. With the project „Kamerakidz“ the outsome are fascinating shots of their living environment – unadorned and very straight. Sometimes amazing by choice of motif and arrangement. The best photos are now published in a coffeetable-book „Chandelao – Dalily life in a tajasthani village”. They show people working in the field and the house or during festivities, ladies dressing up, old people chatting, boys romping around or imitating their popular bollywood-actors. Documentary photos apart the common India-clichés. The children explain in their own words why they have chosen these moments.

For the project Kamerakidz the children got first an introduction and teaching into photography before they started taking photos with small digital cameras of their daily life. Kamerakidz is a social project, too with the goal to raise the self-esteem of the participants. With publications and sales of the book same as postcards and calenders they also earn a small income.


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german/english 104 pages Softcover 21,3 x 29,7 cm 978-3-9816247-0-0 November 2013