Yet we are a very small publisher. A really tiny small one – with just four books until now. But we are thinking in bigger dimensions or better said there is a vision. The vision of to come out with books on the market, which we ourselves like to read and look at. And which we ourselves are writing and/or produce.

Nana Ziesche


There is one person behind all this – me. I can’t and won’t live without books. Books containing mainly words and books containing mainly pictures. I hardly like all, what is existing on the market. Especially the supply of (interessting) books from/about India and the Himalayas I think is limited. In this niche I want to settle in.

Yangla Press is a 1-woman-company,

which for sure doesn’t work on its own. I am connected to other authors, lecturers, designers, printers, book-shops etc. So whatever you wish for – please tell us and we try to serve you as best as possible!