Sorry, this book is in german only. But if you have a friend, who is german speaking, s/he might be happy to get it as a gift!


“A small book full of big wisdom” Lama Geshe Lobzang


In times like this, in which our western world is flooded with guidebooks and workshops with the topic “luck”, I wanted to know, what is the meaning of “luck” for people in Ladakh. People, who live a different life then us although being same as you and me. the same question: During my trips through Ladakh I asked young and old, rich and poor, educated and illiterate people of different religious background one question: “What is luck?” Their surprising, touching and inspiring answers I captured in this small book. – Ulli Felber –


A part of the benefit of this book goes into the NGO “Ladakh-Hilfe, supporting the not-so-well-off people in Ladakh


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german 72 pages Softcover 15,2 x 17,7 cm 978-3-9816247-2-4 April 2015